New York Times Bestselling Author
Scott McGaugh

Don't tell me the moon is shining, show me the glint of light on broken glass."
--Anton Chekhov

Coming March 7, 2023!

Brotherhood of the Flying Coffin is the untold story of WWII's glider pilots who volunteered to land troops and artillery behind the enemy lines in fabric-covered "flying box kites." With no engines, no guns, and no second chances on one-way missions.

Upon landing, they always were surrounded by the enemy and on some missions flew in ahead of the paratroopers. A remarkable story of largely anonymous heroes who volunteered from family farms, towns the size of a single cafe, and cities to fly an aircraft not yet invented at the start of the war.
A new, compelling story of the Greatest Generation.

(Left) You'll meet C.B. "Boots" King who married the month he volunteered and later flew in 5 major invasions. On his last mission, his glider was hit by enemy fire. He did not survive. You'll fly alongside Boots and hundreds of others Brotherhood of the Flying Coffin.