Scott McGaugh, Author

Thanks for stopping by!  I'm a New York Times bestselling nonfiction writer who
believes history is best preserved 
and shared on a personal level.


As the founding marketing director of
the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, 
I am inspired by the capacity we all
have for courage and compassion.  

My current project is Honor Before
Glory (Da Capo Press / Perseus Books Group), the riveting true story of a WWII 
rescue mission by Japanese-American soldiers in a segregated
army who became 
American heroes and the war's 

most-decorated unit of its size.

New Book Coming This Fall!
The amazing World War II rescue saga debuts in October 2016!  Based on rarely seen oral histories and interviews of the brave volunteers from internment camps and Hawaii who were there!

Watch for an Excerpt Soon!
Surgeon In Blue Now a 
New York Times Bestseller!
The biography of an unknown Civil War surgeon who revolutionized battlefield care in some of the war's bloodiest battles, setting the stage for the trauma care that defines the civilian healthcare we know today.   
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